Professor Aikins

Prof. Moses Kweku Sekyi Aikins (Associate Professor, Health Policy, Planning & Management)

Professor Aikins has over 20 years professional experience in economic evaluation (i.e., costing and cost-effectiveness analyses) in public health, population interventions and other programs. His work has covered costing and cost-effective analyses for a number of tropical diseases such as Malaria, Filariasis, Buruli, Rotavirus diarrhea, and HIV/AIDS as well as Family Planning at national, regional, district and program levels. He also has immense experience in healthcare financing such as evaluation of mutual health organizations, insurance schemes and exemption schemes at district levels; experience in mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS interventions and programs into non-health sectors. These programs benefited the general population as well as at risk populations such as those in the Prisons. He is particularly inspirational in building capacity and training of researchers and fieldworkers on economic evaluation and data collection, designing of social, cultural and economic questionnaires for data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation of district, donor and community funded programs. His training, research skills and overall work experience would help the Institute achieve cost-effectiveness in its operations to the benefits of the students and the Institute as Chairman of the Board.

Other members are


Dr. Ishmael NormanDr. Ishmael Norman, PhD., JD. BA. - President








Mrs. Awiah-NormanMrs. Blandina Martin Awiah-Norman, MPH, B.Sc

Mrs. Awiah-Norman holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, 2004, University of Ghana, and a Master of Public Health Degree, 2012, from the School of Public Health, University of Ghana. She is currently employed by the National Health Insurance Scheme. Prior to this, she held several middle management positions including working as a Consultant to Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Health/World Bank Project on m-Health. She has been a Facilitator: Disaster and Risk Reduction Workshop organized by the School of Public Health, in collaboration with Makerere University’s School of Public Health, Uganda and the University of Tulane, Louisiana, USA. She has also served on other Health Program/Project at the School of Public Health University of Ghana Legon on Baseline Survey on Malaria within GA East and North on access to RDT and LLITN amongst pregnant women and children under five.  Prior to this, she was the Visa Officer at the Embassy of Switzerland Accra, Ghana. She also worked for SW Global Ghana Limited as Sales/Business Development Manager.

Mrs. Blandina M. Awiah-Norman speaks 8 (Eight) languages including, English, French, Spanish, Hausa, Frafra, Dagaati, Twi, and Kassena-Nakani, with functional street level proficiency for Ewe and Ga.

She has 9 peer reviewed publications.

Mr. Michael Baah, CCTA, CPFA, CPA, MBA, BA

Mr. Baah has extensive qualifications, experience and knowledge in the fields of Financial, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing (both internal and external), Financial Management, Risk Management, System Deficiencies and Internal Control Reviews, Special Investigations and Fraud Assessment and Consulting in practice, who has particular attention to detail with a creative and innovative approach to solving problems. He would help steer the financial affairs of the Institute to a high sustainability threshold.

Others are:

UCC Representative

SRC Representative

UTAG Representative


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